Tobacco 21|KC

The Tobacco 21|KC effort is being launched by Healthy KC to encourage cities in the KC metropolitan area to increase the minimum age of sale and purchase of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, vapor products, and paraphernalia from 18 to 21.

Tobacco 21 Cities

If you support Tobacco 21, go to and sign the petition we’ve started.
Then let your city officials know you’d like to see Tobacco 21 in your community. You can find out how to contact them here.

For more information:

Examining Tobacco 21 Report (PDF)
News release announcing launch of Tobacco 21|KC
One pager on Tobacco 21|KC (PDF)
Endorsements (PDF)
Fact sheets from (PDF)
Critical issues from (PDF)
Kansas City Star Editorial: Raising Legal Age to 21 Best Way for KC Area Cities to Combat Teen Smoking (PDF)
Institute of Medicine report on raising the minimum age of legal access to tobacco products (PDF)
Learn more about the Healthy KC Tobacco Cessation and Prevention action team and their recommendations here.